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Hi everybody,

With regards to helmets: we recently had a deadly accident which could
have been prevented if the pilot had another helmet fastening system,
even though the pilot would have been seriously injured anyway.

The helmet in itself was OK (Charly), but when the pilot hit the tarmac
of a military airfield, where they were towing, the plastic strap of
the helmet broke or got loose and the helmet was pushed away from the
head. The pilot had very severe face injuries even if this was a
full-face (integral) helmet.

Of course the main reason for the accident was that the pilot forgot to
hook himself in (in Belgium we strongly recommend that pilots should
ALWAYS hook in the harness on the hang glider before they put it on,
and that they ALWAYS get out of the harness BEFORE undoing it from the
hang glider, and we feel that this is the only failsafe method to avoid
forgetting to hook in), but similar accidents can easily occur while
towing, for instance with dolly's or with paragliders.

The pilot did fall first on his legs (he broke his pelvix), and fell
forwards after that, due to the horizontal speed he still had (he was
still hanging with his hands on the hang glider just before impact).
One witness (pilot) is convinced that, if the helmet had stayed on the
head of the pilot, that he would not have had these horrible and
lifetreathening head injuries (and that he would have survived).
As it was, it was nearly impossible to reanimate him without
specialised equipment that the pilots dis not have with them, or even
without surgery.

I don't know what the EN966 standard says with regards to the fastening
systems, but it is clear to me that some of the (or all of the) plastic
clipsystems are totally unadequate for this kind or similar types of

I felt that this information was important to relay to the whole hang
glidinge and paragliding community, and wonder if some committes should
not look into this matter (ETSC or a CIVL-committee).

Thank you for your attention and thoughts about this very important

Jean Solon,
Belgium" onclick=";return false;

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